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Home of the #1 Sports Performance

Training Facility in the Central Valley!

"Whether you are an athlete looking to perform at the highest level, someone looking to prevent or recovery from an injury, or looking to get into the best of your life, BEA will help you accomplish your goals!" - Founder/Owner Les Bonsu


Welcome to Bonsu Elite Athletics, also known as BEA. We offer a wide range of specialized . We believe elite athletes are not born - they are made. Better training makes better athletes, and no matter your sport of choice, we can make you better. If you consider yourself a great athlete, we can make you greater. If you believe you are the fastest player on your team, we can make you faster. Athletes who train at BEA are some of the best of the in Northern California, and we take pride in making them greater!

At BEA, we offer elite instruction coupled with state of the art equipment and technology that will allow our athletes to become the best. Every athlete at BEA receives and systematic training designed to improve their speed, strength, agility and stamina. We design an excellent training for each and every athlete. You will find yourself reaching your goals in no time, becoming more confident in your daily activities, and we guarantee you will see your improve. After training at BEA you will run faster, jump higher, react faster, and play smarter no matter your sport of choice. We train both male and female athletes, and provide an energized, supportive and enthusiastic training environment. You will find yourself training with athletes with similar goals and aspirations. At BEA, we are family.

While we understand there are many sacrifices student-athletes make in order to be the best. The difference between an average athlete and an elite athlete is the level of commitment they place in their . At BEA, we transform the average athlete into a more powerful, dominant, and competitive athlete. We tailor each athlete's training specifically to his or her athletic needs and goals.  

No matter the sport, the important vital skills necessary for every successful athlete to encompass is SPEED, AGILITY, STRENGTH AND POWER - this is what each athlete receives at BEA.


Coach Les Bonsu

3427 Railroad Avenue

Ceres, California 95307

Telephone: (209) 541-4348

Email: [email protected]

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