BONSU ELITE ATHLETICS  - Specializing in Athletic Speed Training
If you are looking for the most elite level of sports performance training in the Central Valley area, or sports specific training, Bonsu Elite Athletics is the best place to train.  We work with youth athletes (age 8 years of age and older), high school athletes, collegiate athletes, and professional athletes.  We have many custom workout options for our athletes that provide the opportunity to either train privately or in semi-private group sessions.
At Bonsu Elite Athletics, our sports performance training provides our athletes with the most effective and most recent education, training techniques, technology and coaching in a comfortable, motivating and engaging environment allowing the athlete to achieve unmatched results.
Our elite staff serves not only as sports performance trainers, but also as mentors and ambassadors for athletic performance.  We are committed to changing the lives of athletes thereby allowing them to become more competitive, dominant and successful in the sport of their choice; as well as serve as positive role models to not only their sport, but in the athletic community.
Our training doctrine includes a range of services we provide to our athletes, such as:
  • Strength
  • Speed, agility & quickness training - Our motto:  "Speed Kills"
  • Power & Plyometrics
  • Core Training
  • Joint Integrity
  • Hand-eye Coordination & Reaction Drills
  • Metabolic Conditioning & Metabolic Testing
  • Flexibility
  • Recovery & Regeneration
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Athlete Life Skills (Leadership, Accountability, Goal Setting)
Whether you are a professional athlete, collegiate athlete, or young athlete getting started, our sports performance training programs will provide you with the tools & skills in a world-class training facility that will allow you to take your game to the next level.  Our staff's coaching experience, athletic training experience, and client list, speak volumes as to the level of teaching, training, motivation, and results we provide to our athletes.  We are the best, and we train the best of the best.
If your goals include making your team, winning the starting position on your team, earning All-Conference, earning an athletic full-ride scholarship, preparing for the NFL Combine, or playing at a professional level, Bonsu Elite Athletics is the place for you.  From the 8 year old athlete that has not yet mastered proper running form, or the athlete looking to become stronger, faster and more explosive, Bonsu Elite Athletics trains athletes to PERFORM AND BECOME THEIR VERY BEST.  Our goal is to help YOU fulfill your dreams!

Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Jared Rice, Central Catholic High School.  Jared is currently attending Fresno State University on a full ride scholarship for football.  Jared finished his high school football career at Central Catholic High School as a 3-time CIF State Football Champion.

Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Jessica Gilbert, Enochs High School.  Jessica, a Senior, recently committed to Eastern Washington on a full ride scholarship for volleyball.  

Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Madilyn Nickles, Merced High School.  Maddie (aka Bubba) committed to UCLA on a full ride scholarship for Softball her Sophomore year of high school.  Maddie recently was selected for the U.S. Women's Softball Team, after a very competitive try-out in Los Angeles.  She is the youngest member of the team.

Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Frank Ginda, Pacheco High School.  Frank obtained a full ride scholarship for football at San Jose State University.  Frank was able to complete high school in December and start college January 2015 in order to be able to participate in SJSU's Spring Football.  Today, Frank is on the active roster for the Miami Dolphins.

Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Rey Vega, Central Catholic High School Running Back.  In the time Rey has trained with Bonsu Elite Athletics, (2010-present), he has surpassed 4,600 yards rushing, and 66 touchdowns.  In 2011, he earned the well-deserved award of MVP of the MMC Conference. 
Rey Vega is currently attending Southern Oregon for Football.
Bonsu Elite Athletics Clients:  Rey Vega and John Mundt (Central Catholic HS) 2012 Nike Football Training Camp Participants by Invite Only.  Mundt is currently on the active roster for the Los Angeles Rams.

Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Craig Jones, (Central Catholic HS)  played four years of football and graduated from Stanford University, #59.
Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Herbert Whitehurst, (Enochs HS) attended Midwestern State University (Texas) for Football, and is currently playing football in Germany's Rostock Grffins.
Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Dominic Mah, (Beyer HS) graduated for Long Beach State University for Track & Field.

Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Jordan Elzie, (Galt HS) Attended Stanislaus State University on a Full Track & Field Scholarship and graduated.  He recently completed his Master's Degree from USC in Business.

Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Julian Gallo, (Modesto HS) attended and graduated from Cornell University.  Gallo was also a member of the Lion's 2012 All-Star South football team, as well as an All-District player.

Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Matt Hackett, (Enochs HS) attended and graduated from Azuza Pacific University On a Full Athletic Scholarship for Football.  
Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Aziz Shittu, (Buhach Colony HS) attending Stanford University for Football and graduated.  Today, after winning the Super Bowl LII with the Philadelphia Eagles, Aziz is currently on the active roster for the Dallas Cowboys.
Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Pio Vatuvei (Patterson HS) is attending Louisville for Football.  He is a currently a free agent in the NFL.
Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Sean Gomes (Beyer HS) attended the University of San Francisco for Track & Field.  2012 SOS Club Outstanding Athlete Award Nominee.

 Bonsu Elite Athletics Client:  Zachary Jenkins (Beyer HS) Signed Letter of Intent for a full ride scholarship at the University of Calgary, Canada for Football.  Jenkins was a member of Beyer High School's 2011 MMC Champion football team, as well as a member of the Lion's 2012 All-Star South team.